Answers to common questions

MetaTrader 4 Charts

Chart time is displayed in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). All servers are set to a GMT + 3 offset.

You can select the currency pair from the “Market Watch” windows, then click and drag to the middle, or right click on your preferred currency. Select “Chart Window” to open a chart.

You need to save a template, follow these easy steps:

– Add indicators or other chart elements to create your preferred set up.

– Right click on the chart -> “Template” -> “Save template”

– Enter the name you prefer of your new Template and click Save to save the Template.

It will be saved under “Template” within “Charts” in the tool bar.

MT4 let you to “tile” charts in order to see more than one chart on the same screen. You may tile charts in 3 ways: By window, horizontally, or vertically.

Click on “Window” and then choose “Tile Windows”, “Tile Horizontally”, or “Time   Vertically” based on your preference.

MT4 allows you to save all charts. You need to create a profile:

– Open all charts you wish to create a single profile (view).

– Once all charts are opened, you are ready to save these charts as a profile.

– Click on “File” -> “Profiles” -> “Save Profile”

– Enter a name for your New Profile.

In order to have 2 MT4’s running at the same time on your computer, follow these instructions :

  1. Click here to initiate the download
  2. Click ‘Run’ if prompted in the first pop up window and then ‘Yes’. After reviewing the terms and conditions, click the ‘Settings’ button and change the “Installation Folder from

*Note – you may want to adjust the “Program Group” the same way, so your computer creates a new shortcut that will reflect the second MT4.

  1. Finish the Installation Wizard. Special note, if you wish to be logged into the same account for both versions of MT4, you will need a multiple sessions request form.

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MetaTrader 4 is a popular platform, there are many resources available on how to use it. Zenfinex offer a product walkthrough, you can schedule a call from one of our customer support specialist, please send us an email to [email protected].