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Our background

Zenfinex Africa is a broker that gives you more. Our aim is to deliver an exceptional trading environment to help you navigate the financial markets with success.

Our Background

A short background of Zenfinex Africa

Zenfinex Africa’s founder had a dream of becoming a successful trader at a time when trading and the Financial Markets as we know it today was limited to only few privileged, privately educated elites and large corporate financial institutions.  After proper education and over many years of ups and down, he realized that the only way to succeed within the sector is by:

(i) getting impartial education from the right source to determine firstly whether it is what anyone aspire to partake in.
(ii) applying skills acquired from the education to practical experience. There is no short cut to this.

Over the recent past, we realized online trading, particularly forex trading was spreading like wildfire all over because many people erroneously believed it was easy access to wealth as marketed by many brokers. This led to an era of massive growth and profits for brokers and corporate institutions whilst many ordinary people were left devastated due to lack of proper knowledge and skills.  Thankfully, laws and regulations are now in place to stop predatory practices.
Zenfinex Africa, then went on a massive “financial awareness program” campaign, sensitizing people all over and particularly in many developing African countries. We enlightened professionals and ordinary individuals on trading the financial markets, the predatory aspects of the sector, as well as safe and legal process to partake in it if one chooses trading as a career.
Over the years, we then realized that most individuals, out of desperation to be successful or wealthy fall into the trap of thinking they can be successful really quickly by trading.
It is a fact that majority of retail traders globally fail. We therefore aimed to sensitize and lead by servicing responsibly.
We service the region by:
Spreading impartial education about the sector and profession so that individuals who are not meant to be in the sector discover that at a very early stage:

• Provide thorough education and life’s skills training for the individuals who intend to partake in trading the financial markets, particularly forex.
• Provide the technology and support for retail, professional and institutional traders across Africa to access Global markets.

In 2022, Zenfinex Africa obtained the first license to operate a CFD trading platform to service the African continent from Sierra Leone under a sandbox program by the Bank of Sierra Leone, then partnered with Zenfinex for premier technology and service, and now trades as Zenfinex Africa in the region.

Our core values

This is what we believe in

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Innovation through technology

Zenfinex Africa is proud to offer multiple cutting-edge platforms to cater to the needs and lifestyle of each and every individual trader. All accessible via the same logins.

Satisfaction through service

By establishing multiple regional offices, Zenfinex Africa is catering to increased local client demand with its multilingual staff being available 24 hours, five days a week.

Transparency through execution

Combining strict security with a transparent execution model allows our valued traders to focus on what is most important – trading.

Fulfilment through choice

Not only are there thousands of markets available to trade; Zenfinex Africa allows access to these markets from any location at any time.

Security through regulation

Trading with a regulated broker which segregates client funds at Tier One Banks brings ultimate peace of mind to our trading clients.

Success through education

If you win, we win. We want traders to become better at their craft and trade over the long-term. That’s why we give our clients access to institutional-grade trading tools.